Long or Short-Term Storage

Short Term Storage

We can provide secure short term storage over a period of a few days to a few weeks, allowing you that critical extra breathing room when moving into your new home. This is the ideal solution for furniture or belongings which don't yet have a place in the new house, or which will not be required immediately - seasonal items such as heavy coats, winter weight quilts, water sports equipment etc. Our professional team will move your non-essential items from your home to our facility and then forward them on to your destination when you require. Alternatively, you can drop off or pick up yourself by special arrangement - it's up to you.

Long Term Storage

Our long term storage options are ideal for large items which are not able to be accommodated in your new home at any stage, such as excess furniture or decor. We make sure that your belongings are not only secure, but protected from the elements. Where necessary, extra protection such as protective sheeting and pest repellent will be utilised, to ensure that your belongings are in just as good a condition when you get them back.