• professional-packing-for-business Professional Packing - Business

    If you've ever had an accident in the workplace which involved damage to equipment or machinery, you'll know how important it is to make sure that safety and security are monitored at all times. At MKT Removals, that's the approach we take when moving offices and business premises in general; a strong emphasis on careful planning, safe transport, secure storage and general efficiency.

    A major feature of our comprehensive removals service for businesses is professional packing. Our reliable and responsible team will pack all (or some- it's up to you) of your business equipment safely and professionally, making use of highly engineered packing materials as well as tried-and-tested traditional packing techniques. We have the expertise and resources necessary to pack a variety

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  • professional-packing Professional Packing

    At MKT Removals, we understand that a careful and efficient move begins well before the boxes are loaded up. It starts with smart packing and organisation of all household goods, from kitchenware and glassware through to electronic equipment and decor items. That's why we offer a complete professional packing service, so you can have peace of mind that your belongings are fully protected and ready to go.

    We take what is known in the industry as a "white glove" approach. What this means is that we offer a complete end-to-end service, carefully listening to our clients' requirements and adapting our approach to suit. Our reliable team can pack all (or some - it's up to you) of your items safely and professionally, using quality

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  • log-or-short-term-storage

    Long or Short-Term Storage

    Short Term Storage

    We can provide secure short term storage over a period of a few days to a few weeks, allowing you that critical extra breathing room when moving into your new home. This is the ideal solution for furniture or belongings which don't yet have a place in the new house, or which will not be required immediately - seasonal items such as heavy coats, winter weight quilts, water sports equipment etc. Our professional team will move your non-essential items from your home to our facility and then forward them on to your destination when you require. Alternatively, you can drop off or pick up yourself by special arrangement - it's up to you.

    Long Term Storage

    Our long term storage

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  • piano-relocation Piano Removals

    Pianos have traditionally been one of the most difficult items to move; their weight, dimensions and delicate finish make it difficult to load, protect, transport and unload pianos. Both upright pianos and grand pianos can present a challenge, demanding extra attention to detail and often more manpower.

    MKT Removals have been successfully moving pianos since the business was first established nearly 40 years ago. As a family owned business, we understand how important an investment your piano was, and how central it is to life at home. That's why we offer a higher level of service when it comes to piano removals. From planning the move, to insuring the piano against unpredictable events, to protecting it in transit, we take care of your

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  • office-removals Office Removals

    Since MKT Removals was established nearly 40 years ago, we have completed hundreds of office and business premises removals. In fact, it's become somewhat of a speciality of ours. Not only have we developed the expertise and resources necessary to safely transport valuable business machines, we've also grown to have a close understanding of what it takes to execute a successful business relocation. From minimising overall downtime, to prioritising packing and unpacking of certain equipment, our team has what it takes to move your office efficiently.

    The process begins with analysing and planning for the unique requirements of your business. For example, if you need to move data servers securely, we'll liaise with your IT manager and ensure we have the perfect protective

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  • furniture-removals

    Furniture Removals

    One of the most common tasks we undertake at MKT Removals is the moving of furniture. Since we started in this business nearly 40 years ago, we have helped hundreds of people move tables, chairs, desks, benches, drawers, wardrobes, cabinets, lounge suites and more- on time, on budget and damage-free. We have a level of expertise that can only come from decades of hands-on experience, and our staff have the skills to safely transport just about any piece of furniture.

    We pay close attention to the type of furniture you wish to transport, and any special requirements you may have. For example, we're happy to individually wrap high value furniture items, and secure loose parts such as drawers so no internal damage is

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  • moving-insurance


    MKT Removals are happy to arrange insurance coverage on all moves, for our clients' peace of mind.

    This comprehensive insurance covers your belongings during transit and storage, so that should the unexpected happen and your belongings were to be lost or damaged, you would be able to claim the cost of repairs or replacements. Pricing and coverage will vary slightly depending on the type, value and destination of the item/s to be relocated, however MKT Removals is able to secure outstanding rates through our network of trusted insurers.

    Insurance is the ideal solution for taking the stress out of transporting valuable or sentimental items. Having said this, MKT Removals are proud to note that none of our clients have needed to make a claim

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  • pet-removals Pet Relocation

    You can trust MKT Removals with your furry (or feathered... or scaly...) family members. Our team is experienced in handling a variety of pets, from dogs and cats to tropical fish, and will treat your pets like our own. We know just what it takes to make their journey safe and pleasurable, and ensure that they arrive at your destination relaxed and ready to settle in to a new environment. From secure transport cages, to providing them with a comfort item, to making sure your pet has access to fresh water on long journeys- if your pet needs it, we'll make sure it happens.

    Our pet transport options extend to local, intrastate and interstate moves. For international journeys, we employ a tried and

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  • log-or-short-term-storage

    Modern Storage

    MKT Storage is proud to operate a state-of-the-art storage facility, conveniently located on Racecourse Road in Maitland. Featuring 24 hour security and complete weatherproofing for the protection of your belongings, this facility is the ideal temporary storage solution for items which do not currently have a place at your destination.

    We guarantee that all items entrusted to us will be kept dry, safe and secure whilst in our possession. MKT Removals offers both short term and long term storage options for your convenience, at budget friendly rates which make storage a truly accessible option for anyone moving with us. Our interior storage space is carefully planned and marked out so that we know where all items are at all times, allowing you quick

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